Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Writer Writes

I've decided to resurrect again.  Lazarus!  I am Lazarus!  But I think I might start a completely new blog as weird as that makes me feel.  Any of you old blogger friends who started new blogs, do you miss your old ones?  I would CRY and I mean, CRY if I lost all the writing on's such a transformative period of my life and to be honest, I don't think I'm so past the transformation.  I'm still Ninny.  And noone reads this anymore it can still act as a brain heart testing ground.  Indecisions!!!


j said...

If you do start a new one, there are tools you can use to download your posts on the old one and save them to your computer.

Krisanne said...

Lazarus, your current blog isn't going anywhere. it will be online forever (waaaaaa!!!!). However, you can start a new blog and indicate that you're starting fresh by providing a link on this blog to your new blog. Does that make sense? Is that the question you're asking?

uteowl said...

I just said to your Ninny mom, "Does Ninny every write in her blog anymore?" "I don't think so," was Ninny mom's reply. So I clicked the bookmark and what do you think I see??? A NEW POSTING!!!! WOO HOO!

Starting a new blog without a redirect will lose you readership.

MB said...

I still read. Huzzah~

Marianne & Clayton said...

I'll follow you wherever, baby! I miss your voice.

Sarah said...

Whatever you do, please write more! I miss your voice too.

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